Travel Diary: Capri

As it is not far from Ischia, we decided to go to Capri on Tueday. The trip we booked with „Rumore“ agency, which offers lots of trips around the Naples Bay. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday they go from Ischia to Capri. The ticket costs total Euro 33,- per person. From Lacco Ameno the boat startet at 8.10 am, as the strong sea the captain took another route thant normally and so we arrived at Marina Grande (the famous harbour of Capri) around 10 am.

It is always busy in Capri during peak season times. As the habour is very small, and there are always a lot of people you should go fast when leaving the boat. In Marina Grande there are some shops and coffee bars, but we just looked for the footpath to the Piazza in Capri centre. Also a tram is going there, but we have seen before that already a queue of people waited in front of the ticket shop and so we decided to go on foot. It was perfect, because just few people followed the path. I think it took us around 10-15 min to go the piazza.

We took a coffee break at Caffé Caso, which is one of the four famous caffè’s at the piazza. We followed the famous shopping street „Via Delle Camerelle“ where one boutique is following after another: Gucci, Miu Miu, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Moschino (just to name a few) It could be kind of depressing when you have not enough money with you 😉 I was brave and bought just things for my family and souvenirs, my boyfriend instead shopped like there is no tomorrow 🙂

After the big shopping we decided to see the „Faraglioni“ – the famous cliffs of Capri. There is a nice viewpoint, which you will reach when following the „Via Delle Camerelle„. I really have to say that in Capri the sights are very good marked, so you always have a very good overview.

For lunch we went to „La Fontelina„, a very nice located restaurant and beach, just next to „Marina Piccola„. First we just took a drink as the kitchen opened around 12 o’clock. The beer was Euro 10,- and the Spritz I think around Euro 8,-. For lunch we had some small starters and then we ordered Spaghetti alle vongole and beef carpaccio. For the service we had to pay Euro 22,- -which was really high in my opinion. Anyways we enjoyed the fanstatic view there. The weather was very hot this day in Capri. Next time when we will go there we would also rent some sunchairs and enjoy some more drinks 🙂 It’s definitely a place where you have been to. Also try a Granita al Limone when staying in Capri – it is so refreshing.

On our schedule when then had to visit „Giardini di Augusto“ and „Via Krupp„. For the entrance of „Giardini di Augusto“ we payed Euro 1,- per person. You have a fantastic view from there.
Capri is such a beautiful place…I am still dreaming about it. Time went by so fast and at the end of our day we were really tired. I am sure to visit Capri again, but next time I will stay there not just for one day ❤

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